By Michael Elligett

Healthy Anzac biscuits and how to spot them

As cafe owners, our main priority is to offer great service and experience to our customers. In addition to this, we also want to indulge their taste buds by offering food options that will satisfy their cravings and make them come back for more. 

One of the most popular snacks many Australian cafes offer is Anzac biscuits. Whatever the demographic of your target market is, when you have Anzac biscuits, you’ll be sure that it will become a crowd favourite. They’re pretty well-known because of their unique taste and the nostalgia that comes with the biscuit itself. 

But with the growing healthy food trends in the market, how can you be sure that the classic biscuits you’re offering can also attract health-conscious consumers? The answer is simple: give them Anzac biscuits that are yummy and nutritious at the same time.  

If you need help in finding the tastiest and healthiest Anzac biscuits for your customers, here are some tips to guide you in your buying process.


Look for whole grains in the ingredients list

Food or biscuits made with whole grains are considered heartier options compared to those made with refined grains. Whole grains provide more fibre which is essential for digestive health. They also have a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  

Ask your supplier for the ingredients list. If the first ingredient is a whole grain like oats or wheat, then you know their biscuit is a healthy choice. 

Whole wheat flour provides essential vitamins including folate, riboflavin and vitamin B. Oats, on the other hand, are also a great source of protein and healthy fats which help you keep feeling full and satisfied after eating. 

Check the amount of sugar

Do you want to cater to customers who are conscious of their calorie intake? Then checking the amount of sugar in your biscuits is important. 

When looking at the packaging or label, check if sugar is listed as one of the first few ingredients. If it is, then the biscuit is more likely high in sugar since ingredients are usually listed by quantity — from highest to lowest amount. Generally speaking, biscuits containing 5 grams or less of sugar per serving are considered low sugar options.

Another way to spot low-sugar Anzac biscuits is to look for those that contain natural sweeteners like honey or fruit juice. These ingredients can provide the same sweetness as sugar without all the negative health effects.

Make sure your supplier uses organic ingredients

We all know that artificial ingredients have a lot of negative effects on our health and may not be as healthy as natural ingredients. So when you're choosing baked products for your coffee shop, be sure to avoid those containing artificial components. 

When you're looking for healthy cookies for your cafe, choose those made with organic ingredients as much as possible. Organic ingredients are usually grown without the use of pesticides or other chemicals, making them generally healthier for your customers.

You can usually find this information on the biscuit packaging. But if you’re still in the process of finding a supplier, you can always send them an enquiry online or read their website to find out more about what kind of ingredients they use. 

Opt for variants mixed with healthier flavourings

There are a lot of varieties of Anzac biscuits available in the market. There are options flavoured with maple syrup, chocolates and many more. But of course, not all of them are created equal, especially when it comes to their nutritional content. 

If you want to offer a healthier Anzac biscuit, opt for those that have healthy toppings or flavourings like shredded coconut, macadamia or dried fruits. But if you still want to give your customers a taste of the classic version, the Anzac with wattleseed is perfect for your cafe. 

Wattleseed is a popular Aussie ingredient known for its nutty flavour which perfectly pairs with the sweetness of the Anzac biscuit. It’s also a great source of antioxidants and has a low glycemic index. This means it doesn't raise our body's blood glucose levels too much, so it can be eaten guilt-free. 


These are just some of the things you need to consider when buying Anzac biscuits for your cafe. By following these tips, you can be sure that you’re offering healthy yet delicious biscuits to your customers.

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