By Michael Elligett

Biscuit of the week: Shortbread Biscuits

Shortbread biscuits are one of the most popular baked treats in many Australian cafes. It’s a snack traditionally made with flour, butter, and sugar, typically formed into a flattened disc and then cut into small pieces before being baked. 

The origin of this tasty biscuit dates back to the 12th Century in Scotland. At that time, wheat was a very expensive commodity and was only used for special occasions. So the Scots would usually use one part sugar to two parts butter in the dough, hence the word "short". It’s the fact that the dough is made with a large proportion of fat that makes it "short" or crumbly. 

Shortbread Biscuits

Why Aussies love shortbread biscuits

While shortbread became associated with Christmas and New Year celebrations, many Aussies and even tourists enjoy this all year round. This is because shortbread biscuits are delicious, extremely versatile and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. You can pair it with any beverages, including coffee, tea or even desserts like ice cream. 

Although the traditional shortbread biscuits are well-loved by many consumers, there are now multiple varieties of this snack, ranging from simple recipes to more elaborate versions. 

So if you’re looking to sell shortbread biscuits in your cafe or restaurant, it’s best to explore the various flavours of this wonderful baked good. Check out some of our favourite shortbread biscuits flavours below. 

Traditional Shortbread Biscuits

You cannot go wrong with the traditional shortbread biscuits. It’s flakey, buttery, crumbly, and has a melt-in-your-mouth texture that your customers will definitely love. 

Moreover, these classic biscuits are easy to find from different suppliers. So it’s an excellent option for cafe owners like you who want to add traditional yet delicious food items to their menu. 

Shortbread biscuits also have longer shelf life compared to other baked products. Typically, they can last up to a month if stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Oatmeal Shortbread Biscuits 

Baked products made with whole grains are very popular among health-conscious consumers. So if you want to cater to a broader customer base, offering oatmeal shortbread biscuits is a great idea. 

This type of shortbread is somehow similar to your traditional version but with the unique flavour and texture of oats. Adding oats to your shortbread biscuits will also make them healthier as they are packed with fibre and antioxidants. It’s a perfect option for cafe owners who want to step up their shortbread biscuits game. 

They are also best paired with a hot cup of cappuccino or latte which makes for a warm and comforting combination.

Honey Macadamia Shortbread Biscuits

Upgrade your traditional shortbread biscuits to the next level by adding in some honey and nuts. 

Honey is a versatile ingredient that complements a lot of nuts including macadamia. The sweetness of the honey complements the crunchy, sweet and buttery flavour profile of the macadamia. 

This honey macadamia shortbread biscuit is perfect for your consumers who have a sweet tooth and those who are looking for sweet treat with a different texture. It’s also very versatile and can be paired with almost all the drinks on your menu. 

Peanut Butter Shortbread Biscuits

Want to serve something special for your peanut-butter-lover customers? Why not try adding some peanut butter shortbreads to your menu. 

Peanut butter is one of the well-loved ingredients in baked goods. It is enjoyed by many because of its thick texture and subtle sweetness countered by its distinct salty and nutty flavour. Elevate your customers’ cafe experience by adding this classic ingredient to your flaky shortbread. It’s also best paired with a cup of joe.

Although it can be challenging to find suppliers with readily available peanut butter shortbread biscuits, a lot of vendors also offer customisation options. You can inquire if they can add peanut butter flavour to their usual shortbread biscuits recipe. 

French Vanilla Shortbread

French vanilla shortbread biscuits are scrumptious and a unique take on the traditional version. It still has its classic buttery taste, but the French vanilla in the recipe makes this tasty snack richer, creamier and healthier. 

By offering French vanilla shortbread biscuits at your cafe, you can provide your customers with a classic treat that will please even the most discerning palate. Whether they are enjoying them with their morning coffee or as an after-dinner dessert, these biscuits will be sure to satisfy their sweet tooth.

These are just some of the best shortbread biscuit variants you can check out. If you’re looking for delicious shortbreads or other baked treats for your cafe, be sure to check out Cookie Man Australia’s wide range of traditional cookies