Who We Are

Cookie-man is a Specialist Quality Food Producer & Supplier, primarily focused on Cookie Dough and Baked Cookie products. Working with businesses big and small to deliver exceptional quality food solutions and services from our SQF certified facility in Mount Kuring-gai, we’ve continued to deliver industry-leading quality and innovation for over 60 years.

We are 100% Australian Owned, with all of our products made right here, proudly using Australian ingredients wherever possible, with imported ingredients only included when there’s no choice.

What we can do

Loaded Cookies - Our new state of the art machinery allows us to create the famous loaded cookies stuffed with your choice of gooey fillings.

Bite Size Biscuits - We produce Bite Sized products from 4g - 8g for the cafe industry to offer a a complementary option with purchases.

Cafe Cookies - We can produe any sized cookie products to specific recipes and bake specifications. Our pakaging capabilities include individual flow wrapping or bulk packaging depending on client requirements.

Frozen Cookies Dough - We currently produce individual frozen cookie portions for bakeries to bake freshly in-store, bulk pack cookie dough and cookie dough tubs for retail sale. We can mix and potion any kind of cookie doughs in batches of 100kg - 1000kg.

Baked Biscuits - We have the ability to bake any sized products in regular shapes (round, star, square, flower) from 4g - 100g per peice. We have the ability to hand top a cookie with any bake stable product.

Our Packaging Options

Bulk Packaging

Tray Packaging

Bag Packaging

Individual Packaging

Our Capabilities

We are industry leaders when it comes to R&D and recipe development and have over 150 years of combined expertise on staff, developing Biscuit, Cookie, Doughs into all shapes and sizes. Our capabilities include:

- Bars & Shaped Product
- Recipe Development
- Direct to Store Distribution
- 3PL Services
- Seasonal Gifting

- Wire Cut
- Knife Cut
- Packing
- Depositing
- Baking

Why Choose Us

Flexible Solutions

Low minimum batch size

100% Australian

We only use the best, local ingredients, with many of our products containing over 95% Australian grown produce.

Quality & Consistency

We have been producing high quality products for over 60 years and have a wealth of experience to help your brand grow.

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