By Michael Elligett

How to Bake Delicious Cookies with Premade Cookie Dough

Finding the right cookie recipe and making it from scratch can be challenging. It takes time and effort to experiment with different ingredients, test recipes and perfect them.

Luckily, premade cookie doughs are here to save the day. It’s a convenient and easy way to help satisfy your customer’s sweet tooth without spending too much time in the kitchen. Just scoop onto a baking sheet, put them in the oven and voila! You now have tasty treats for your cafe patrons. 

But just because you’re using premade dough doesn't mean you can't take your cookies to the next level. With simple techniques, you can transform your dough into delicious treats that everyone will love.

Read below to learn Cookie Man’s tips and hacks on how to make cookies that are just as tasty as those made from scratch.

 How to Bake Delicious Cookies with Premade Cookie Dough

Use cream cheese instead of butter

Several cafe owners and bakers add butter to their premade dough to alter the texture and flavour of their cookies. But if you want to make it creamier and more flavourful, we recommend mixing cream cheese instead.

To add cream cheese to your recipe, simply soften the dough and mix in some softened cream cheese until it’s fully incorporated. Keep in mind that you might need to adjust the cooking time and temperature depending on the type and amount of cookie dough you have.

It's also important to note that adding cream cheese will change the flavour profile of your cookies. It will add a tangy taste that may complement certain types of cookies, such as chocolate chip or shortbread biscuits. However, it may not work well with other flavours, such as peanut butter or oatmeal cookies.

Add a pinch of salt

Adding a pinch of salt to your premade cookie dough may seem like a small detail, but it can make a big difference in the taste of your cookies.

Salt is a powerful flavour enhancer that can bring out the natural sweetness of your treats and help balance out other flavours. It also strengthens the gluten in the flour, allowing the cookies to hold their shape and prevents them from spreading too much while baking. 

When adding salt to your cookie dough, use a small amount – just a pinch. Too much salt can overpower the other flavours and ruin the balance of the dough. You can also sprinkle some on top of the cookie before baking for an extra burst of flavour. But remember, not all types of salt are created equal. Use high-quality sea salt or kosher salt for best results.

Put extra ingredients

Customers are always looking for exciting treats. Including special ingredients like choco chips, sprinkles and dried fruits can make your cookies more appealing.

If you want to add extra ingredients, always mix them evenly to ensure they are distributed throughout the dough. You can also experiment with different ratios of ingredients to the dough depending on the desired flavour and texture.

Want to elevate your baked treat's flavour profile further? Add some vanilla and almond extract for an extra kick of flavour. Simply mix 1/4 teaspoon of extract into the dough before baking. For added flair, you can also roll the dough in cinnamon before cutting out cookie shapes. 

Create unique cookie shapes

One of the simplest ways to make your cookie offerings stand out is by creating unique shapes. This requires no additional ingredients, just some cookie cutters and your premade cookie dough.

Using cookie cutters can give your cookies a distinctive look, making them stand out from other commercially available treats. Experiment with different shapes and sizes to create visually striking displays that will catch the eye of your customers. You can use heart-shaped cookie cutters for Valentine's Day or star-shaped ones for the holiday season. 

Add some filling

Adding a filling to your premade cookie dough can help you create a unique and delicious cookie that will impress your customers. Do this by creating a small well in the centre of the cookie dough ball, then adding your chosen filling. 

Here are some great filling options you can try: 

  • Peanut butter: Mix peanut butter and powdered sugar. Then spoon a small amount into the centre of the cookie dough ball. You can also add chocolate chips or chopped peanuts for extra texture.
  • Caramel: Create a caramel filling by melting caramel candies in a saucepan with milk or cream. Once melted, let it cool for a few minutes before adding it to a piece of cookie dough.
  • Fruit jam: Take a small ball of cookie dough and flatten it. Then add a small spoonful of raspberry or strawberry jam in the centre and fold the dough around it to form a ball.


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