By Michael Elligett

Cookie Spotlight: Our Favourite Salted Caramel Cookie

There's something about salted caramel cookies that just makes people weak in the knees. A lot of new and modern sweet treats have emerged over the years and yet, salted caramel cookies still remain one of the most popular desserts in Australia and all over the world.

Is it the perfect balance of salty and sweet? The chewy texture? The way they melt in your mouth? We believe it’s all of the above and so much more.

If you haven’t added salted caramel cookies to your menu yet, keep reading to find out why they should be a staple in your cafe.

They’re versatile

Salted caramel cookies are versatile cookies that can be enjoyed at any time of day. They can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood or the occasion. For example, if you want to offer something fancy to your customers, you can add a drizzle of chocolate or some chopped nuts. You can also decorate them with icing or other toppings to create unique and customised treats.

Additionally, they can be paired with almost all beverages on your menu, including tea, coffee and milkshakes.

It’s a unique take on a classic recipe

The salted caramel cookie is a classic treat with a unique twist. This type of cookie is typically made with a sugar cookie base, but the addition of salted caramel gives it a rich flavour. The salted caramel also helps to keep the cookie moist, making it perfect for those who prefer a softer, chewier cookie. So whether your customers are looking for an after-dinner treat or a midday snack, salted caramel cookies are sure to hit the spot.

Long shelf life

Salted caramel cookies also have a longer shelf life because of their high sugar content. Sugar acts as a preservative by helping prevent the development of bacteria. The salt in the salted caramel cookie also helps inhibit mould growth and yeast, all of which can cause food to spoil.

When buying salted caramel cookies, just make sure you have airtight containers and store them in a cool, dry place so they can last up to 6 months. You can also ask your supplier for any storage instructions to ensure you’re storing them properly.

Sweet but not overpowering

Salted caramel cookies are perfect for those who want something sweet but not too heavy or rich. The key to these cookies is the balance of sweet and salty flavours. The salted caramel provides a rich, buttery flavour that is offset by the sweetness of the cookie itself. It also has salt which helps enhance and balance out the sweetness of the caramel and gives these cookies a distinctive taste.

The salted caramel in these baked treats can be added in various ways, such as using salted caramel chips or adding a salted caramel sauce to the dough. For our Cookie Man’s Salted Jersey Caramel, we use jersey caramel pieces in our dough to make our cookies sweet and creamy at the same time.

With their rich flavour and captivating aroma, salted caramel cookies are sure to be a hit with your customers.

The perfect dessert to entice more customers

Salted caramel is one of the hottest food trends right now. So what better way to show your customers you're keeping up with the times than by adding them to your menu, right?

People are always looking for new and exciting flavours, and salted caramel provides a unique twist on a classic favourite. What's more, salted caramel has become a popular flavour in recent years, thanks to its appearance in popular TV shows and movies.

So tap into this trend and attract new customers by adding salted caramel cookies to your list of sweet treats. Of course, it's still important to make sure that your cookies are of the highest quality, as this will help to ensure that customers keep coming back for more.

No matter what your customers' taste preferences are, salted caramel cookies are sure to please. So go ahead and add them to your menu - we guarantee you won't regret it!


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