Cookie Man has licensed operations in the following countries:

Greece Egypt   India (joint venture) China(joint venture)

World map

The commercial basis of our licensing operation is the following:

  1. A License Fee. The quantum of which is dependant on country size and potential for number of outlets over the licence term. This is a "once-up" payment which covers the transfer of our intellectual property rights, know-how and expertise to the licensee.

  2. Initial exclusive term: 1 year from commencement of trading of the first cookie shop in the licensed country (provided it is opened not later than 3 months from date of execution of the license agreement).

  3. 1st machine purchase price: A$ 79,000 This price is delivery ex-works Sydney and current lead time to delivery is 3 months from placement of order with deposit.

  4. Dough Mixer: A$ 45,000 This price is delivery ex-works Sydney and current lead time to delivery is 3 months from placement of order with deposit.

  5. Royalty: 4% Based on the proposed wholesale selling price of cookie doughs to retail outlets. It may be that you wish to open more shops during this initial 12 month exclusive period or, alternatively, that you wish to formalise a long term exclusive agreement prior to the expiry of the 12 month exclusive period. In either case, we are prepared to assist and negotiate in good faith with a view to establishing a sound long term business venture in your country.

It may also be advantageous that during the initial 12 month exclusive period that you consider import of frozen cookie doughs from Australia. The advantage of this is to minimise capital expenditure and overheads required for a dough mixing facility and to enable you to concentrate your efforts in the retailing end of the business. If this option is viable and attractive then we would be giving you a discount from our wholesale dough selling price for containers of cookie dough.

Apart from what we term "fresh-baked" cookies (made from the frozen doughs), we also sell chocolate coated cookie lines, hand decorated cookie lines, exclusive Cookie Man gift lines, American Style Cookies (big and chunky) and refreshments (coffee, tea, cold drinks).

Finally, the cost of commissioning the first shop is to your expense. This means that you will have to bear the airfare, accommodation (to airline standard), meals, out-of-pocket expenses etc. for one of our technicians in addition to his salary at A$500 per day for some ten days. We will assist you in shop design and outfitting as well as practical assistance in sourcing of raw materials etc., and providing all necessary assistance in training your staff here in Sydney for a period of up to two weeks.


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